Main Specifications

The main specifications of the inspection system are described below.

Supported printers

imagePRESS C10010VP/C9010VP
imagePRESS C10000VP/C8000VP

Supported controllers

imagePRESS Server

Paper that can be inspected

Type *1*2
Paper that can be used on the supported printer
Basis weight *1*2
Paper that can be used on the supported printer
Size *2
The paper sizes supported by the inspection system are shown below. Printed images can be inspected from paper of sizes that are supported by the printer from among the sizes listed here.
Standard paper sizes:
EXEC (7 1/4" x 10 1/2") to 13" x 19"
Custom paper sizes:
Paper feeding direction: 7 1/8" to 19 1/4"
Main scanning direction: 5 1/2" to 13"
Images printed on the following paper cannot be inspected.
Film, tab, envelope, or paper that is not rectangular (such as paper with rounded corners or paper with the corners cut off)
Even for paper other than the above types, the inspection might not be able to be performed correctly depending on the paper characteristics and condition, such as paper where the reverse side is visible or paper that is colored, patterned, or watermarked. Contact your local authorized Canon dealer if you are using paper that corresponds to these.
When you are not performing inspection, you can use all of the paper that can be used on the supported printers.

Number of sheets of paper that can be inspected

The maximum number of sheets of paper per copy that can be inspected by the inspection system is shown below.
Paper size
Maximum number of sheets per copy
500 sheets
11" x 17"
250 sheets

Inspection performance

The inspection target and performance of the inspection system are shown below.
Spots in images
Detection levels
9 levels
Minimum detectable unit *1
0.008" x 0.008"
Scanning speed
According to the specifications of the supported printer
Spots might not be detected depending on the image contrast around the spot and the characteristics of the image.
Image misaligned from master image
Detection range
0.0039" to 0.1181"

Other functions

2-sided inspection
The images printed on both sides of the paper can be inspected.
Output paper sorting
Output paper with quality problems is ejected to the top tray of the High Capacity Stacker, and output paper with no problems is output to the specified output destination. (Only when the High Capacity Stacker option is attached)
Job recovery
If an image with a quality problem is found during an inspection, the inspection can be automatically executed again on the page that contains the image that has the problem and subsequent pages. (Recovery might not be possible depending on the situation, such as if a paper jam occurs.)