Basic Screens

This section describes the various screens displayed on the display.
<Home> Screen
The <Home> screen is displayed when you press  (Home). The <Home> screen or settings screen appears on the display, allowing you to initiate functions such as <Memory Media> and <Mobile Portal>. You can also use the display to check information such as error messages and the machine's operation status. Items Displayed on the <Home> Screen
<Menu> Screen
Select <Set> to display the <Menu> screen. Press this button first to make changes for each setting, such as management settings, display settings, and network settings.

Current menu level

The screen name of the current level is displayed.

Setting item list

Setting items that belong to the current menu level are displayed in a list.
When there is no menu under the lower level, the setting screen is displayed.
<Status Monitor> Screen
When you press  (Status Monitor), the <Status Monitor> screen is displayed. On this screen, you can check the printing status, as well as the remaining amount of toner and paper.
Error Screen
In some cases when an error occurs, instructions on how to respond to the error are displayed. Follow the on-screen instructions to solve the problem. Countermeasures for Each Message
Example: When a paper jam occurs
Select <Display Order (Home)> to customize the <Home> screen by rearranging the buttons. Customizing the Display
* <Update Firmware> may not be displayed depending on your country or region.
You can change settings regarding the screen display, such as which screen appears immediately after turning ON the machine, and whether the message appears for remaining paper and toner. <Display Settings>
You can set the screen to be displayed when a certain amount of time has passed without operation. <Function After Auto Reset>