Setting up Using the Setup Guide

When the machine is turned ON for the first time (Turning ON the Machine), the initial setup of the machine begins automatically. You can adjust the basic setup necessary to use the machine. Configure the basic setup in accordance with each screen, or click a link to display the corresponding page and see details.
Step 1
Specify the display language.
Select the display language.
Select the display language, and select the country/region where the machine will be used if countries/regions are displayed.
Step 2
Set the time zone.
Select the time zone where the machine is used.
Step 3
Specify the date and time.
Specify the date and time of the machine.
Step 4
Set the "Administrator" password for Remote UI authentication.
Set the password used when logging into the Remote UI as the "Administrator" user.
If you do not want to set a password, select <No> on the confirmation screen and proceed to step 5.
This machine is set to use the user authentication as the login service. For more information, see Configuring the Personal Authentication Management Settings.
Step 5
Set the network connection method.
Specify the method for connecting the machine to a network.
If you select <Wired LAN>, the Setup Guide finishes and the <Home> screen is displayed.
For details on wireless LAN connections, see Connecting to a Wireless LAN.

Starting the Setup Guide later

The Setup Guide cannot be started in the following cases.
If the user authentication or department ID authentication is set.
If the authentication with a card is performed.
<Set> <Management Settings> <License/Other> <Start Setup Guide> <Yes>
If the Setup Guide was started after the "Administrator" password for Remote UI authentication was set, step 4 is not displayed and the Setup Guide proceeds to step 5.