Back Side

ACT indicator

The ACT indicator blinks while data is being sent or received.

LAN port

Connect a LAN cable when connecting the machine to a wired LAN router, etc. Setting up the Network Environment

LNK indicator

The LNK indicator blinks green when the machine is properly connected to a network.

USB port (for computer connection)

Connect a USB cable when connecting the machine and a computer.
The USB port (for computer connection) supports USB 2.0.

USB port (for USB device connection)

You can connect devices such as an IC card reader or an external hard disk to the machine.
The USB port (for USB device connection) supports USB 2.0.

Ventilation slot

Air from inside the machine is vented out to cool down the inside of the machine. Note that placing objects in front of the ventilation slots prevents ventilation.

Power socket

Connect the power cord.

Rating label

The label shows the serial number, which is needed when making inquiries about the machine. When a Problem Cannot Be Solved