Configuring System Data Communication

The settings described in this section are required to use the sub line for performing DNS name resolution and data communication via a proxy. Administrator privileges are required to specify these settings.
The DNS server address setting and proxy settings for the sub line can only be used for specific system data communication, such as using the sub line to access a firmware distribution server. They cannot be used for a regular internet connection. When using a DNS server or proxy server for the sub line for applications other than system data communication, register the addresses and port numbers to use with the sub line in the settings of the main line.
Start the Remote UI. Starting the Remote UI
Click [Settings/Registration] on the Portal page. Remote UI Screen
Click [Network Settings] [Settings for System Data Communication].
Specify the required settings.
Setting the DNS of the sub line
Enter the IP address of the DNS server in [IPv4 DNS Settings], according to your environment.
Setting the proxy of the sub line
Select [Use Proxy].
Enter the address and port number of the proxy server, according to your environment.
To use proxy authentication, select [Use Proxy Authentication] and enter the user name and password.
Click [OK].