Editing the Registered Destinations in the Address Book

You can change your settings, such as changing a registered name, changing a coded dial number, and adding or deleting group destinations. You can also delete destinations or groups.
If you delete a destination from the Address Book, it is also deleted from the favorite settings. Registering Frequently Used Settings
Select <Address Book> in the Home screen. Home Screen
Select the index containing the destination you want to edit. Index
Select the destination, and select <Edit>.
If you select <Details>, you can view information about the destination.
To delete the destination, select <Delete> <Yes>.
To clear selection of a destination, select again the destination with a check mark. When multiple destinations are selected, you can deselect all of them in batch by <Clear All>.
If a screen appears prompting you to enter a PIN, enter the correct PIN using the numeric keys, and select <Apply>. Restricting Use of the Address Book
After editing the necessary items, select <Apply>.