Utilizing the Machine through Applications

Perform printing and other operations from the mobile device connected to the machine using applications. Various applications including those exclusive to Canon are supported. Use properly in accordance with your device, the application, and the situation.

Using Canon PRINT Business

This application is used to perform printing and other operations from mobile devices that support iOS/Android. When printing, it is not necessary to perform operations on the machine. For more information on supported operating systems, detailed setting methods, and operations, see the application's Help or the Canon website (https://global.canon/gomp/).
You can download Canon PRINT Business for free, but you will be charged the Internet connection fee.

Printing with Canon Print Service

You can easily print from the menu of applications that support the Android print subsystem. For more information on supported operating systems and detailed settings and procedures, see the Canon website (https://global.canon/gomp/).

Using Mopria®

The machine also supports Mopria®. Mopria® enables you to perform printing and other operations from a mobile Android device using common operations and settings regardless of the manufacturer or model. For example, businesses using multiple Mopria® compatible devices from different manufacturers can print from the same printer and businesspeople on-the-go can use a Mopria® compatible device with a local certified printer without having to install a separate application. Mopria® can also be used to directly import the data scanned with the machine to mobile devices that support Android. For more information on supporting models or operation environments, see http://www.mopria.org.
Confirming Mopria® Settings

Printing from Chrome OS

You can perform printing from Chrome OS without downloading a dedicated application or installing a driver. To print with the machine, it is necessary to enable Mopria®.
Confirming Mopria® Settings
Printing from Chrome OS may not be supported, depending on your country or region.