Scanning Different Size Originals Together (Different Size Originals)

You can place different size originals in the feeder and scan them at the same time. This eliminates the need to place originals separately.
The combination of original sizes that you can scan is limited. Scanning with an improper combination may cause damage to the originals or paper jams. Specifications
Do not place the originals together that are of different weights or paper types. Doing so may cause damage to the originals or paper jams.
This function is available only when the originals are placed in the feeder. This function is not available when the originals are placed on the platen glass.
If the originals have the same height, they can be copied/scanned at once even if they have different widths as in the figure below. Align the edges of the same size and set them in the feeder.
For originals with the same height but with different widths
Saving Data to a USB Memory Device
<Scan>  <USB Memory>  <Different Size Originals>  <On>
Sending Data by E-Mail/I-Fax or Saving Data to the Server
<Scan>  Specify destinations in <E-Mail>/<I-Fax>/<File>  Select <Different Size Originals> in the <Send Settings> tab  <On>