Scanning Originals Using WSD (WSD Scan)

This section describes how to scan originals from a computer using WSD.
From the control panel
Place the original(s). Placing Originals
Select <Scan> in the Home screen. Home Screen
Select <Remote Scanner>.
Now you are ready for scanning from your computer.
From a computer
Click [Start]  [All Programs]  [Windows Fax and Scan].
Click [Scan].
Click [New Scan].
When the [Select Device] dialog box is displayed, select the machine and click [OK].
From the [Source] drop-down list, select the location where the original is placed.
When placing the original on the platen glass, select [Flatbed]. When placing in the feeder, select [Feeder (Scan one side)].
Specify the scan settings as necessary.
Selecting the type of original from the [Profile] drop-down list enables you to make adjustments for the optimal image quality. For originals mainly consisting of text, select [Document]. For originals consisting of photographs only, select [Photo (Default)].
From the [File type] drop-down list, select the file format for the saved image of the scanned original.
To check the scanned image with the specified settings reflected, click [Preview].
Click [Scan].
Scanning an original starts.
When scanning is complete, the scanned document is displayed in the list of files on the [Windows Fax and Scan] screen and saved in the [Scanned Documents] folder of [Documents].
Registering frequently used scan settings
If you always scan with the same settings, follow the procedures below to register the settings. You can easily and conveniently recall them when scanning.
Select [Add profile] from the [Profile] drop-down list  Specify the scan settings you want to register  Enter a name in the [Profile name] text box  Click [Save Profile]
Sending the document to a computer using WSD
You can also send the scanned document to computers on the network that support WSD. In this case, select <Computer> on the Main Menu  select the computer you want to send.
The [Windows Fax and Scan] screen and the folder open in the computer, and the scanned document is displayed.