Going Green and Saving Money

There are lots of ways to cut back on paper, toner, power, and expenses.
2-Sided Printing
Sleep Mode
You can use the 2-sided printing function to print data from your computer and print received I-Fax documents. Because you'll only be using half the paper you would otherwise, you can cut your paper costs in half. To save even more, combine 2-sided printing with N on 1 printing of multiple pages on one sheet of paper. You can print up to 32 pages on a single sheet, which is both economical and environmentally friendly.

For saving energy and money, a sleep mode that powers down a machine when nobody is using it has become an essential feature. This machine will enter sleep mode automatically, and can also be put to sleep whenever you want. Press once to put the machine to sleep. Press it again to instantly wake the machine back into action.
Canon strives to be environmentally and energy conscious in all aspects of its operations. Click here to learn about the ways in which Canon is helping to protect the environment.