Recommended Security Settings - 4. Private (Home) Network

For a home network (household LAN) environment managed by an individual, we recommend the Private (Home) Network security settings.
These security settings enable you to implement security measures against information leaks, spoofing, unauthorized access via the wireless functionality of the machine, and physical attacks.
Press the button to check the procedure for configuring the settings.
The security settings may limit the functionality of the machine.
Examples of restricted functions:
Using USB memory media
Printing using LPD, RAW, or WSD
Directly connecting from mobile devices
Viewing job history
Connecting with information devices using conventional encryption/protocols
* You can check the effect and impact of the security settings, including those for other environment types. Effect and Impact of Security Settings
Setting Description
For details on the security settings that are configured, see the list of settings indicated below.
 List of Security Settings
Answers to Questions
Do you implement room access control?
Is the machine used by an unspecified large number of people?
Is the network private? Or public?
Do you handle particularly confidential information with the machine?