Types of Data Sent

This section describes the types of data sent from this software to the Remote Monitoring Server.
For non-Canon devices that support standard MIB, only the data in service mode counters and status (alert) changes that can be retrieved is sent.

Periodic Sending

The following information is sent according to the sending schedule retrieved from the Remote Monitoring Server.
Information retrieved with a counter monitoring task
The following information is retrieved every eight hours.
Data type
Billing counters
Includes information on the service mode counters, all resource counters, and department counters.
Service mode counters*1 are also retrieved at the time of event notification, in addition to periodic retrieval.
Mode counters
The usage counts for each mode.
Part counters
The information for each part.
Environment log/condition log
The log for the device internal temperature, humidity, and fixing unit (roller) surface temperature. The environment log is not retrieved from models that support the condition log.
Firmware information
The firmware change information.
*1 All resource counters are only retrieved from devices that support all resource counters.

Immediate Sending

The following information is sent when an event is detected and when periodically retrieving log information every five minutes.
Information retrieved with a log monitoring task
Service call log
The information on service calls that have occurred.
Alarm log
The information on level 2 and level 3 alarms that have occurred.
Jam log
The information on jams (paper jams) that have occurred.
Information retrieved with a status monitoring task
Status (alert) changes
The alert information for status changes.
Information generated by this software
IP-MAC mismatch notification
The information on mismatches that occur when the registered IP address and MAC address do not match.
IP-serial mismatch notification
The information on mismatches that occur when the registered IP address and serial number do not match.