Checking Device Information

This section describes the method for checking the detailed information of devices registered in this software.
Select the [Devices] menu > [Monitored Device List].
You can also check the device information from the [Managed Devices] list displayed by selecting [Manage Devices] on the [Monitored Device List] page.
Select the target Device ID from the list.
Perform the required operation on the [Device Details] page.
[Device ID]
[Device ID] can be edited if all the following conditions are met.
[Get Device Management Information] is set to [Allowed]
[Device ID] is not set
Managed Devices of This Software
Less than 1,000 devices with [Device ID] set
[Get Device Management Information]
Click [Check Functionality] to check whether the device has the ability to send data to the Remote Monitoring Server.
[Check Functionality] is disabled in either of the following cases.
Monitored devices of this software
[Device ID] is not set and 1,000 or more devices with [Device ID] set are registered in this software
[Manually Send Billing Counter]
[Reset Department Counter]
Specify the operation to perform after collecting billing counters and sending them to the Remote Monitoring Server.
[Send Reset]
Enabled: Reset the department counters.
Disabled: Do not reset the department counters.
The setting is disabled when the [Device Details] page is displayed. This setting is not saved.
[Retrieve and Send Now]
Collects billing counters and sends them to the Remote Monitoring Server. Subsequent operations follow the setting in [Reset Department Counter].
[Sending History]
Displays the results of up to 10 sending operations executed within seven days of the current date and time.
When operating this software using the SMTP communication mode, [Reset Department Counter] is not displayed.
[Remove from Management]
Removes the displayed device from management.
If you perform this operation on a monitored device, that device is no longer monitored.
If you have changed the settings, click [Update].