Problems with the Network

Problems with Connections

Cannot set up the network.

Check whether <Confirm Network Connection Setting Changes> is set to <On>.
<Confirm Network Connection Setting Changes>

Cannot recognize the machine from a computer.

When using Canon software such as imageWARE Enterprise Management Console, set <Set Dedicated Community> to <On>, and select <Read/Write> for <MIB Access Permission>. Also set <Dedicated Port Settings> to <On>.
The machine cannot be recognized when utility software is used to access the machine with a community name other than the SNMP community name set in the machine. Check the SNMP community name.
If the message "An error has occurred." is displayed in the Web browser and the Remote UI cannot be started, invalid cache data may remain. Clear the cache of the Web browser.
If the machine enters the Sleep mode, it may not be able to be recognized from a computer. Cancel the Sleep mode or change <Sleep Mode Energy Use> to <High>.
Exiting Sleep Mode
<Sleep Mode Energy Use>

The Remote UI is not displayed.

Are <Use HTTP> and <Remote UI> set to <On>?
<Use HTTP>
Starting the Remote UI
If you are connected with wired LAN, restart the Remote UI after checking whether the IP address is set correctly and the cable is connected correctly.
Connecting to a Wired LAN
Starting the Remote UI