Specifying the Mail Box Settings

You can set a password and name for the Mail Box as well as change the period of time before files are automatically deleted.
Press  (Settings/Registration).
Press <Function Settings>  <Store/Access Files>  <Mail Box Settings>  <Set/Register Mail Boxes>.
Select the desired box.
Specify the settings necessary and press <OK>.
(Items shown on the screen may differ depending on your model and options.)
<Register Box Name>
Enter a name for the box.
Set a password for the box. Enter a number of up to seven digits, press <Confirm>, enter the same password, and then press <OK>.
Passwords with only "0" are not allowed.
If you forget your password, there is no way to retrieve it. Be careful not to forget the password.
<Time Until File Auto Delete>
Press <->/<+> to change the period of time until saved files are automatically deleted. When set to "0," files will not be deleted.
<URL Send Settings>
Notifies you by e-mail of the location (URL) of the box where files are saved. This setting is helpful for checking saved files from the Remote UI screen.
Restores all the settings to the factory default values. Note that you cannot initialize the settings when files are stored in the box.
<Print When Storing from Printer Driver>
Specify whether to print a file when it is sent from a computer and saved in the box.
<Time Until File Auto Delete> and <Print When Storing from Printer Driver> can be specified for all boxes at the same time. See <Time Until File Auto Delete> and <Print When Storing from Printer Driver>.