Gradation Adjustment During Printing

To maintain the stability of gradation, density, and color, the machine performs the density adjustment internally during printing. The sensor detects the density of a patch, which is created on the Intermediate Transfer Belt every several sheets of paper is printed, to perform the density adjustment. You can increase the frequency of the density adjustment to maintain more stable image quality, if necessary.
Users other than the administrators should not change the settings. For instructions on changing the settings, contact your dealer or service representative.
If you increase the frequency of the adjustment, image quality becomes more stable but the adjustment time may increase and the print speed may be adversely affected.

Press  (Settings/Registration)  <Adjustment/Maintenance>  <Adjust Image Quality> <Gradation Adjustment During Printing>.
Press <Use Service Mode Settings> <OK>.
For information on the service mode setting value, contact your dealer or service representative.
Press <Use Standard Settings> to restore the default setting for the frequency of the adjustment.