Staple Jams in the Saddle Stitcher Unit (Booklet Finisher-AF)

Follow the procedure described in this section to clear the staple jam. The "Booklet Finisher-AF" is optional. Optional Equipment
Check before clearing staple jams
If a paper jam occurs at the same time as a staple jam, remove the jammed paper before removing the jammed staples.
Before clearing the staple jam, remove all output paper from the booklet tray.
Open the front cover of the finisher.
Pull out the saddle stitcher unit.
Pull out the two staple cases.
Hold both sides of the staple case, and lower the bracket.
Remove all the jammed and protruding staples from the staple case.
Return the bracket on the staple case to its original position.
Insert the two staple cases into the saddle stitcher unit.
Make sure that the staple cases are inserted so that the setting position marks are aligned as shown in the illustration above.
Push the saddle stitcher unit back into the machine, and close the front cover of the finisher.
After clearing a staple jam, make sure to adjust the staple position. <Saddle Stitch Staple Repositioning>