Configuring the Network Security Settings

Authorized users may incur unanticipated losses from attacks by malicious third parties, such as sniffing, spoofing, and tampering of data as it flows over a network. To protect your important and valuable information from these attacks, the machine supports the following features to enhance security and secrecy.
For information on the firewall settings, IPSec communication, and IEEE 802.1X authentication, see the manual of the imagePRESS Server.
Proxy Settings
You can provide greater security by using a proxy server for connections outside the network, such as when browsing websites. Setting a Proxy
TLS Encrypted Communication
TLS is a protocol for encryption for data sent over a network and is often used for communication via a Web browser or an e-mail application. TLS enables secure network communication when accessing the machine in a variety of situations, such as when using the Remote UI or distributing device information. Configuring the Key and Certificate for TLS