Managing MEAP Application Licenses

License file operation may be required at times other than installing a MEAP application. For example, even when the licensed counter value or usage period is exceeded or has expired, you can continue to use the MEAP application by adding a license file. In addition, if you want to delete a MEAP application, you are required to delete the license file in advance.
Log in to the Remote UI. Starting the Remote UI
Click [Service Management Service] on the portal page.
Click [MEAP Application Management], and click the application to manage the license.
Click [License Management] and perform the intended operation.
Adding a license file
Click [Browse...], select the license file to install, and click [OK].
Click [Install]  [Yes].
Installation starts.
Depending on the MEAP application, you may need to restart (stop and start) the application. Managing MEAP Applications
Saving the license file on a computer
You can save a backup file on your computer before deleting the license file. If you want to save, you are required to disable the license file in advance.
Deleting the license file
Before deleting the license file, you are required to disable the license file in advance.
When there is an application with a license that will expire soon, you can also check the expiration date of the license from <Check License> for MEAP on the Home of the control panel.