This chapter introduces the basic methods for sending and receiving faxes as well as convenient fax functions you can use according to your needs.

Introduction to Basic Operations

This section describes the Fax Basic Features screen and the basic sending and receiving methods.

Successfully, Easily, Conveniently

You can find and choose among various sending and receiving methods right for you. Fully using functions can provide you with an efficient way to send and receive faxes.

Sending Faxes from Your Computer

You can directly fax a document saved on a computer. This method can eliminate the need to print, saving paper and toner, as well as make the images and fine print on documents more clear.

Using Fax Functions More Fully

This section describes how to send and receive faxes via the Internet. You can also learn how to use a multifunction printer without the ability to fax for sending and receiving faxes via other multifunction printers on the network.
Installing an option enables you to use an IP fax. The IP fax is a function to send and receive faxes over a TCP/IP network such as an office LAN. Sending and receiving faxes between devices in the same network helps reduce communication costs as well as makes communication speed faster than normal faxes.