Registering Frequently Used Paper Size and Type for the Multi-purpose Tray

If you use a specific size and type of paper by loading in the multi-purpose tray, you can register that paper in advance as "Favorite Paper" for the multi-purpose tray. "Favorite Paper" can easily be called up from the screen which is displayed when you load the paper in the multi-purpose tray, so that you can save the time and labor to make size and type settings each time you use the specific paper.
Press  (Settings/Registration).
Press <Preferences>  <Paper Settings>  <Register Favorite Paper (Multi-Purpose Tray)>.
Select a button to register and press <Register/Edit>.
You can change the registered name by pressing <Rename>.
Select the paper size.
When registering standard size paper
When registering custom size paper
When registering envelopes
When registering other size paper
Select the paper type and press <OK>.
Press <Close>.
If <Always Specify> under <Multi-Purpose Tray Defaults> is set to <Favorite Paper>, a screen is displayed to allow you to select your "Favorite Paper" when you load the paper in the multi-purpose tray. <Multi-Purpose Tray Defaults>