Using User's Guide

The User's Guide is a manual that can be viewed on your computer or smartphone, etc. This section describes the screen layout of the User's Guide and how to view the User's Guide. It also describes how to make settings for the display of the User's Guide.

Screen Layout of User's Guide

This section explains the User's Guide screen layout and how to use the buttons on the screen. Screen Layout of User's Guide

Viewing User's Guide

This section describes what you should be familiar to when viewing the User's Guide, including the meanings of the marks used in the User's Guide and how the buttons on the touch panel display and the computer screen are represented in the User's Guide. Viewing User's Guide

Setting the Display of the User's Guide

You can change the character size used in the User's Guide, and switch the screen layout to one that is appropriate to the device on which the User's Guide is displayed. Manual Display Settings
If you are unable to view the manual in PDF format, download Adobe Acrobat Reader from the Adobe Systems website (
How to find the topic you are looking for
Search the contents
You can find the page you are looking for by selecting the topic from the Contents on the left side of the screen.
Search by keyword
Perform a search by entering a keyword, such as "fax" or "wireless LAN," and the pages containing the keyword are displayed. You can find the page you are looking for from those results. You can also enter phrases such as "connecting to a network." The keyword search also supports the AND Boolean to search for multiple keywords. For the details of the search screen and how to operate the screen, see Search.