Checking the Results of Device Information Distribution

You can check information such as the date and time that device information was distributed, the results of distribution, and the status of the other machines. For client machines, you can check the reception status of device information. You can also print the details. Administrator privileges are required in order to perform these operations.
Press  (Settings/Registration).
Press <Management Settings>  <Device Management>  <Device Information Distribution Settings>  <Communication Log>.
Check the communication log, and press <OK>.
The log of previously distributed device information is displayed in a list. <OK> indicates that device information was distributed/received properly. <NG> indicates that distribution was canceled or an error occurred.
To display the details of an item in the list, select the item and press <Details>.
To print a Device Information Communication Log Report, press <Print List>. Outputting a Communication Result Report
To specify how to print the Device Information Communication Log Report, press <Report Settings>.