Setting a Proxy

You can set a proxy to handle communication in place of the machine, and use it when connecting to devices outside the network, such as when browsing websites. Security is enhanced when using a proxy, because the machine does not directly access resources outside the network. Administrator or NetworkAdmin privileges are required in order to configure these settings.

Press  (Settings/Registration).
Press <Preferences>  <Network>  <TCP/IP Settings>  <Proxy Settings>.
Set <Use Proxy> to <On>, configure the necessary settings, and press <OK>.
<Server Address>
Enter the address of the proxy server to use. Specify the IP address or host name depending on your environment.
<Port Number>
Enter the port number of the proxy server to use.
<Use Proxy within Same Domain>
Select <On> if you want to use the proxy server even when communicating with devices in the same domain.
This setting is only displayed for the proxy settings screen of the main line.
<Set Authentication>
To use the proxy server authentication function, press this and configure the authentication information. On the screen that is displayed, press <On>, enter the user name and password to use for proxy authentication, and press <OK>.
Press  (Settings/Registration)   (Settings/Registration) <Apply Set. Changes>  <Yes>.