Scanning Originals from an Application

This section describes the method for scanning an original by starting Color Network ScanGear 2 from an application. You can also scan a part of the original by specifying the scanning area.
From the control panel
Place the original. Placing Originals
To specify the scanning area, place the original on the platen glass.
To scan multiple pages successively, place the originals in the feeder.
Press <Scanner>. <Home> Screen
Press <Online>.
Now you are ready for scanning from your computer.
During the online state, other functions such as copying are not available.
You can also set the machine to automatically go online. <Auto Online>
From a computer
From the application menu, select the command that starts the scanning.
Color Network ScanGear 2 starts. For more information, see the instruction manual for each application.
At [Scanning Method] of the [Basic Settings] tab, select the location where the original is placed.
When placing the original on the platen glass, select [Platen Glass].
When placing a 1-sided original in the feeder, select [Feeder (1-sided)]. For 2-sided originals, select [Feeder (2-sided)].
Specify the scan settings as necessary.
You can specify the color, resolution, and original size for scanning. Clicking the [Advanced Settings] tab enables you to perform detailed settings such as original orientation. For more information, see Help for Color Network ScanGear 2.
Click [Scan].
Scanning an original starts.
When scanning is complete, the Color Network ScanGear 2 screen closes and the scanned original is displayed on the application screen.
When the scanning operations are complete, press <Offline> on the <Scanner> screen.
You can also set the machine to automatically go offline. <Auto Offline>