Making WINS Settings

WINS is the name of a solution service that converts a NetBIOS name (a computer name and a printer name on an SMB network) into an IP address. To use WINS, you need a specified WINS server.
To register the WINS server on the machine, set <Computer Name/Workgroup Name Settings> for <TCP/IP Settings>. <Computer Name/Workgroup Name Settings>
If you set <Use NetBIOS> to <Off> in <Computer Name/Workgroup Name Settings>, the WINS setting is disabled. Make sure to set <Use NetBIOS> to <On> when using WINS.
Press  (Settings/Registration).
Press <Preferences>  <Network>  <TCP/IP Settings>  <WINS Settings>.
Press <On> in <WINS Resolution>, and enter the IP address of the WINS server in <WINS Server Address>.
If the WINS server IP address is acquired from the DHCP server, the IP address acquired from the DHCP server has priority.
Press <OK>.
Press  (Settings/Registration) <Yes>.