AirPrint Does Not Work

Troubleshoot by checking the items below.
Is the Power of the Machine ON?
If the machine is ON, restart the machine, and try AirPrint again. Restarting the Machine
Does an Error Message Appear on the Operation Panel?
Follow the instructions of the error message on the screen to fix the problem. A Message Appears
When Using a Mac, Is it Correctly Connected to the Machine?
Connect the Mac to the network on the same LAN as the machine. Setting Up the Network
When connecting via USB, directly connect the Mac to the USB port for computer connection on the back of the machine with a USB cable. Rear Side
Are You Required to Enter the Department ID and PIN to Print from a Computer? (When Using Department ID Management on the Machine)
If you are required to enter a Department ID and PIN to print from a computer, the machine blocks printing from an unknown Department ID, so AirPrint cannot be used. To enable use of AirPrint, cancel blocking of printing when the Department ID is unknown. Enabling Department ID Management
Have the Functions Usable with AirPrint Been Restricted?
If the protocol (IPP or Network Link Scan) for use with AirPrint has been disabled to restrict functions, cancel this restriction to enable the use of AirPrint. Setting the Functions and Security to Be Used with AirPrint
Is Bonjour Enabled on Your Apple Device?
Enable Bonjour if it is not enabled. For details, see the manual of your Apple device.