Read This First

This manual should be read in conjunction with the User's Guide. This manual describes added functions and other changes for Platform Version Ver. 3.11 or later.

Checking The Version

Depending on the model, you may not be able to apply the latest Platform Version. Use the procedure below to check the version before reading this manual.
Press (Counter/Device Information) or the [Counter/Device Information] key.
Press <Device Info./Other> <Check Device Configuration>.
Check the version in <Platform Version>.

How to Read This Manual

The meanings of the icons and other symbols used in this manual are explained below. Markings and screens not explained here are as described in the User's Guide.
Supported Versions
The icons below indicate supported versions in the explanations of additions or changes resulting from firmware updates.
Supported in Platform Version Ver. 3.12 or later
Supported in Platform Version Ver. 3.11 or later
Searching Listings for Supported Versions
Search list page
Allows you to search pages that list all the changes in each version. Changes for Each Version.
Search by keyword
Searching by entering the version as a keyword (e.g. "Ver. 3.11") displays a list of pages that include that keyword. You can then search through the listed pages.

Configuring How this Manual is Displayed

You can resize the text of this manual and switch the screen layout to suit the machine on which it is displayed. Manual Display Settings
If you are unable to view the manual in PDF format, download Adobe Acrobat Reader from the Adobe Systems website (


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