Uninstalling the Agent

This section describes the procedure for uninstalling the Agents installed in different computers.
When migrating an Agent to another computer, or when an Agent becomes unnecessary because of reallocation, etc., it is necessary to disable or delete the Agent on the [System] menu > [Agents] page in advance. For details, see the following.
Do not use the delete function of the installer. If this software was upgraded from an old version, it may not be able to be uninstalled correctly.
Log on to the computer where the Agent is operating as a user with administrator privileges.
Exit all application software that is running.
Select [Settings] > [Apps] from the Start menu.
On the [Apps & Features] screen, click [imageWARE Enterprise Management Console Agent], then click [Uninstall].
If this software was upgraded from an old version, the version before upgrade is displayed.
A screen indicating the progress of uninstallation is displayed.
When the uninstallation process is complete, this software is removed from the list.