List of Error Messages (Firmware Management)

This section describes the error messages displayed while operating Firmware Management that need to be resolved.

Registering Firmware

The specified file <file name> is incorrect.
The file of the firmware may be incorrect.
If this message is displayed even though a firmware file is specified, contact the following.
Your local authorized Canon dealer
A firmware update task for Type II printers ends with an error and the following information is displayed.
- The printer settings are configured so that firmware updates using Local CDS are not allowed.
- A distribution server error occurred.
Status 1
The firmware may not be registered to this software.
Check whether the firmware for the target printers is registered to this software. If it is not, execute the task after registering the firmware. For details, see the following.
Managing Firmware
Status 2
The registered firmware may be incorrect or the serial number of the target printers may not be included in the registered firmware.
Obtain the firmware corresponding to the target printer. For details, contact the following.
Your local authorized Canon dealer