Main Functions of This Software


This software provides the following features.
Easy installation. Installation and configuration of other software is not required. (Database software is required for large-scale environments.)
Perform the centralized management of devices connected to a network via a web browser.
Comprises of an Agent that communicates with devices, and a Manager for the centralized management of device information via communication with the Agent. Perform device management in various environments, from small-scale environments to large-scale environments by changing the number of Agents to.
Manage devices in global network environments that spans multiple time zones.
Link with an external system and notify it of the events which occurred in this software.

Basic Functions

Device Management

Manage network devices discovered by this software. You can also import a device information file to register devices for management.
Check the detailed information and status of devices in the device list from a web browser.
Also manage devices in groups. Grouping devices enable you to easily specify the target devices when you create a task.
Display the error status, monitoring status, and various information regarding the devices for management such as print counts on the dashboard as tables and graphs. You can customize the information to display.

Printer Monitoring

Notify the specified destinations of the error via e-mail when an error occurs in a monitored printer. You can configure the monitoring interval and the error conditions.

Task Management

Manage a series of operations as a single task. You can also combine multiple tasks. You can configure the execution schedule and the notification destination for the execution result for each task.

Report Output

Check the data collected by this software in table format. You can also export the collected data as a file in the CSV, text, or Excel book format.

Linking with External Systems

Notify external systems of the events by using Webhook when events occur in this software.