Changes to the <Home> Screen


Addition of <4 medium-small buttons per page> in <Menu>  <Home Screen Layout Settings>

More options have been added for the number and size of the buttons displayed per screen.
When you use this setting, <Comment> is no longer displayed when you register Personal Buttons/Shared Buttons.

Addition of Shortcut Button Displays for Functions

The shortcut buttons displayed in each function screen also appear in the <Home> screen. You can register frequently used functions to quickly access functions you frequently use without having to scroll the screen.
Shortcut buttons do not appear if the timeline is displayed in the <Home> screen.
Depending on the model, when the optional Upright Control Panel is installed, shortcut buttons do not appear when the timeline is displayed in the <Home> screen.

Button Renamed on the <Home> Screen

The name of the <Adjust Volume> button on the <Home> screen has changed to <Volume Settings>.