<Recommended Security Set. for Usage Environment> 

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You can now specify all the recommended security settings for your usage environment simply by selecting the machine's environment type. See "Security Settings Navigator" for the available environment types. Security Settings Navigator
If any of the machine's security policy settings have been specified, <Recommended Security Set. for Usage Environment> cannot be used.

Settings/Registration Table

For details on how to view the Settings/Registration Table, see "Settings/Registration"  "Settings/Registration Table" in the "User's Guide."
Setting Description
Can be set in Remote UI
Device Information Delivery Available
Import All Function
Name of Item When Exporting with the Remote UI
<Recommended Security Set. for Usage Environment>
<1. Intranet And Internet Connection>
<2. Direct Internet Connection>
<3. Internet Connection Prohibited>
<4. Private (Home) Network>
<5. Public Network>
<6. Highly Confidential Info. Environment>

Settings/Registration Basic Information
If you change the machine to the recommended security settings for each type, functions you want to use may become unavailable or other problems may occur. In this case, you can undo the changes and restore the previous security settings.
If you manually changed settings that were changed with <Recommended Security Set. for Usage Environment>, the changes are not retained. The machine returns to the state before executing <Recommended Security Set. for Usage Environment>.