Changing the Wrinkle Correction Level

Using paper that has been stored a long period stacked and in low-temperature conditions may allow uneven moisture content to cause paper to wrinkle. This can affect transportation through the printer, causing images to appear rubbed or uneven in density. This may corrected if you adjust <Adjust Temp. to Prevent Wrinkles> from “0” so it is “1”.
The <Adjust Temp. to Prevent Wrinkles> function is only effective for the following types of paper when <Productivity/Image Quality Priority for Printing> is set to <Standard Gloss> in <Quality Priority>:
Coated Thin (1-Sided Coated Thin, 2-Sided Coated Thin, Matte Coated Thin) 1 to 3 and Coated (1-Sided Coated, 2-Sided Coated, Matte Coat) 1 to 3.
Setting the value for <Adjust Temp. to Prevent Wrinkles> to 1 slows down printing speed and affects productivity.
Press Settings/Registration.
Press <Preferences>  <Paper Settings> <Paper Type Management Settings>.
Select the paper type that you want to edit from the list  press <Details/Edit>.
Press <Change> for <Adjust Temp. to Prevent Wrinkles>.
Press <+> to set the fan level  <OK>.
You may improve the image quality by setting this function to "1". However, the productivity may be decreased as the print speed is adversely affected.
Press <OK>.