Adjusting the Fan Level for Paper Conveyance Before Fixation

If a paper jam often occurs or the output paper is creased and it has a wave like appearance, you may be able to solve the problem by increasing the fan level for paper conveyance before fixation.
This function is displayed only if the settings are made available by your local authorized Canon dealer. Even if this function is displayed, do not allow anyone to change the settings except for the system manager. For more information on changing the settings, contact your local authorized Canon dealer.

Press Settings/Registration.
Press [Preferences]  [Paper Settings] [Paper Type Management Settings].
Select the paper type that you want to edit from the list  press [Details/Edit].
Press [Change] for [Adjust Fan for Paper Conveyance].
Press [+] to set the fan level  [OK].
It is recommended that you increase the value one by one while checking the fan level.
Press [OK].