Viewing User's Guide

This section describes the marks, buttons, screens, and other items used in the User's Guide. The warnings and cautions are also given in the "Important Safety Instructions" included with the machine. See also these instructions.
Cautions regarding safety, restrictions and cautions regarding the handling of the machine, useful tips, and other information are indicated using the marks below.
Indicates a caution concerning operations that may lead to injury to persons if not performed correctly. To use the machine safely, always pay attention to these cautions.
Indicates an operation that must not be performed. Read these items carefully, and make sure not to perform the described operations.
Indicates operational requirements and restrictions. Be sure to read these items carefully to operate the machine correctly, and avoid damage to the machine or property.
Indicates a clarification of an operation, or contains additional explanations for a procedure.
Indicates useful functions or tips for using the machine.
Keys and buttons
Buttons displayed on the touch panel display and buttons on the computer screen are indicated as follows.
Buttons on the touch panel display*
<Function Settings>
Buttons and other text interfaces displayed on the computer display
* Operation to touch a button on the touch panel display is indicated as "Press" in the User's Guide.
Screens used in the User's Guide may differ from the screen display of your machine depending on the model, optional equipment, and version.
Depending on the OS you are using, a portion of the indicated screen content may differ from your computer.
The screen content for drivers and software may differ due to version upgrades.
Illustrations used in the User's Guide are from "imagePRESS V900" with the following options installed unless otherwise specifically noted.
Duplex Color Image Reader Unit-P
Flat Control Panel-A
Copy Tray-R
If your machine is of the model dedicated to printing only
The machine dedicated to printing only cannot be used for any other functions than printing. Although this Guide contains the descriptions of the functions and operations for copying, and scanning as well as printing, please read only the necessary descriptions to use your machine.