Entering Sleep Mode

The sleep mode function reduces power consumption by temporarily disabling some internal operations of the machine. You can easily put the machine into sleep mode by pressing (Energy Saver) on the screen. When the machine is in the sleep mode, the touch panel display turns off.
Press the(Energy Saver) if the machine will not be used for a long period of time, such as overnight
Put the machine into Sleep mode as a safety precaution.
The machine may not enter sleep mode depending on the machine's operation status and conditions.
The Processing/Data indicator flashes or maintains a steady green light even when the machine enters the Sleep mode.
Exiting Sleep Mode
If you touch the touch panel display, the machine exits sleep mode.
The machine exits the sleep mode when one of the following operations is performed:
When originals are placed in the feeder
When the feeder is opened
When paper is loaded in/removed from the multi-purpose tray
When a cover on the machine is opened/closed
When an IC card is held over an IC card reader installed to the machine to log in*1
*1 Applicable only when <Sleep Mode Energy Use> is set to <High>. <Sleep Mode Energy Use>
When You Want to Set the Auto Sleep Timer
You can use the <Auto Sleep Time> setting to automatically put the machine into sleep mode. If you want to change the amount of time that elapses before the machine enters auto sleep mode, follow the procedure below.
 (Settings/Registration)  <Preferences>  <Timer/Energy Settings>  <Auto Sleep Time>   or  to set the amount of time that elapses before the machine automatically enters sleep mode  <OK>.
You can set the time range to automatically enter sleep mode by the day of the week. <Auto Sleep Weekly Timer>
Energy Consumption in Sleep Mode
You can set the amount of energy that the machine consumes when it is in sleep mode. Follow the procedure below to set the amount of energy consumed in sleep mode.
 (Settings/Registration)  <Preferences>  <Timer/Energy Settings>  set <Sleep Mode Energy Use> to <Low> or <High>.