Restrictions When Connecting to imagePRESS Server

When imagePRESS Server is attached, some functions are restricted on the machine. For more information, see the manual for imagePRESS Server.

Functions Restricted When Connecting to imagePRESS Server

Security Policy Settings
<Print> on the Home screen (including forced hold printing)
Encrypted Secure Print
Direct Print (PDF/JPEG/TIFF)
WSD Scan
Hold function
Virtual Printer
Universal Print
uniFLOW Online
Sending using the FTPs protocol
Scheduled printing from the printer driver
The following settings in the printer driver
A combination of secure watermark printing and page number printing
A combination of booklet printing and a page layout other than 1 on 1 (standard)
Even if <RX Timeout> is set for each item in  (Settings/Registration)  <Preferences>  <Network> <TCP/IP Settings>, a timeout always occurs in 5 minutes.
Even if <Forced Print of Recognition Information> in  (Settings/Registration)  <Function Settings> <Common>  <Print Settings> is set to <On>, the IP address is not printed.

When Using the Advanced Box

SMB cannot be used to make the Advanced Box available to the outside. Use WebDAV instead.
When specifying the URI TX settings in the detailed settings of the Advanced Box, it is necessary to specify the port number (when TLS is disabled: 18080, when TLS is enabled: 18443) in the path to the target folder for notification.
Example: (to specify the "folder" folder in the Shared Space, when TLS is disabled)
Select [WebDAV] to save documents in the Advanced Box of the imageRUNNER ADVANCE Series with imagePRESS Server attached.
When sending to the Advanced Box of an imageRUNNER ADVANCE series machine with an imagePRESS Server attached, specify [Host Name] as indicated below.
When TLS is disabled:
http://<IP address or host name>:18080
When TLS is enabled:
https://<IP address or host name>:18443
It is not necessary to specify a port number to send a document to the Advanced Box of this machine, if it has an imagePASS attached.
When sending documents from the machine with imagePRESS Server attached to its own Advanced Box, you may not be able to send them by specifying a loop back address if <Proxy Settings> in  (Settings/Registration)  <Preferences> <Network> is set to <On>. In this case, enter the IP address of imagePRESS Server.
For instructions on sending documents from this machine to the Advanced Box of this machine, see Registering Destinations in the Address Book.

When Using the Remote UI

Before starting the Remote UI, configure the <Network Settings> items in <Fiery> on the control panel.
To start the Remote UI, start the Web browser and enter the URL below. The Remote UI starts when you click [Launch Remote UI] on the WebTools screen that is displayed.
http://<IP address of imagePRESS Server>/

When Using the Print Function

imagePRESS Server cannot be used together with the print function that is the PS Printer Kit.

Other Restrictions

The machine with imagePRESS Server attached must be restarted each time a DNS dynamic update is performed.
When imagePRESS Server is attached, the machine cannot automatically obtain the IP address of the SIP server by using DHCP.
When the imagePRESS Server is attached, the machine cannot enter the Sleep mode where it can immediately respond to all queries via the network.