Auto Select

PS: [On]*, [Off]
XPS: [On]*, [Off]
PCL: [On]*, [Off]
Imaging: [On]*, [Off]
PDF: [On]*, [Off]

[PDF] is only applicable for the PDF Direct Print Printer or PS Printer. [Imaging] and [XPS] are only applicable for the XPS Direct Print Printer.
This setting enables you to select which modes can be used for Auto Select when "Personality" is set to [Auto]. The settings for [PS], [XPS], [PCL], [Imaging], and [PDF] are available. If [On] is selected, Auto Select is enabled for the selected mode. If [Off] is selected, Auto Select is disabled for the selected mode.

If you select [Off] for all operation modes, the printing cannot be performed and all received print jobs are cancelled.