Preparing to Send and Receive Faxes

To send and receive faxes with the machine, you must use the operation panel (Fax Setup Guide) to configure the initial settings. You cannot configure the initial settings using Remote UI from a computer. Configuring the Fax Settings (Fax Setup Guide) (Touch Panel Model)
When Sending Faxes from a Computer
You must make the necessary preparations on each computer used to send faxes.
Preparing to Send Faxes from a Computer
To Change the Initial Settings
You can change the settings configured with Fax Setup Guide individually.
Changing Fax RX Mode and Setting the Action when Receiving a Fax
Changing the Fax Number and Unit Name
The sender's information, including the sent date and time and fax number of the machine, is printed together with the fax data at the destination. You can change the print position and the mark added to the fax number or choose to not print this. [TX Terminal ID]
To automatically forward or save received faxes, you must configure separate settings. Forwarding Faxes and Configuring the Backup Settings