Starting Remote UI

To use Remote UI, enter the IP address of the machine into a Web browser on a computer, and log in with System Manager Mode or General User Mode. The functions available with Remote UI vary depending on the mode you logged in to.
Required Preparations
Check the operating environment of Remote UI. Supported Environment
Connect the computer you are using to operate Remote UI to the machine over a network. Setting Up the Network
Check the IP address of the machine. Checking the Network Status and Settings
From a Web browser on a computer, access the following URL.
http://<IP address of the machine>/
The Remote UI login screen appears.
When Remote UI communication is encrypted, a warning message about the security certificate may appear. If there are no problems with the certificate or TLS settings, you can continue operations.
When entering an IPv6 address, enclose the IP address in brackets [ ].
If the Remote UI Login Screen Is Not Displayed
When a message such as [Cannot access Remote UI.] is displayed and the login screen is not displayed, see the following:
Cannot Access Remote UI
Select [System Manager Mode] or [General User Mode], and enter the items required for login.
[System Manager Mode]
When the System Manager ID is set, enter the System Manager ID and System Manager PIN. System Manager ID and PIN
* When logging in with System Manager Mode, you must change the System Manager PIN from the default setting. Setting the Department ID and PIN for the Administrator
[General User Mode]
You can log in without entering a user name, but enter a print user name when checking and canceling jobs waiting to be printed.
* If a user name is not set in the printer driver, the logon user name of the computer that sent the print data is set automatically.
[Remote UI Access PIN]
When the Remote UI Access PIN is set, enter the PIN.
Click [Log In].
The Portal page of Remote UI appears. Portal Page of Remote UI
When you have completed your operations, click [Log Out].
The login screen appears after logging out from Remote UI.
Do not access other websites when using Remote UI.
Setting the Time Until the User Is Automatically Logged Out
The user is automatically logged out from Remote UI if no operations are performed for a certain period of time. Use the following procedure to set the time until the user is logged out.
Log in to Remote UI in System Manager Mode [Settings/Registration] [Network Settings] [Session Settings] [Edit] enter the time until the user is logged out [OK]