Linking with Mobile Devices and Integrating with a Cloud Service

The machine can be operated from a smartphone, tablet, or other mobile device, or from a cloud service.
You can use a compatible application or service to easily print or scan photos and documents.
Canon PRINT Business
Dedicated Canon application. Enables printing and scanning.
Using a Dedicated Application to Print and Scan (Canon PRINT Business)
Universal Print
Enables you to print documents from Windows devices via the Microsoft Cloud. If your device is connected to the Internet, you can print documents when you are away from the machine.
Preparations for Using Universal Print
Printing with Universal Print
This is a standard function on an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Mac. You can print from applications that support AirPrint without having to install a dedicated application or driver. You can also scan data and send faxes with a Mac.
Preparations for Using AirPrint
Using AirPrint Application to Print and Scan Data and Send Faxes
Canon Print Service
Dedicated Canon plugin for Android devices. Enables printing from any application.
Using a Dedicated Plugin to Print (Canon Print Service)
Mopria® Print Service
Common plugin for Mopria® certified printers and multifunction machines. Enables printing from any application on an Android device without having to install a dedicated plugin or application for individual manufacturers.
Using a Common Plugin to Print (Mopria® Print Service)
Chrome OS
You can use the function standard equipped in the Chrome operating system to print without having to install a dedicated application or printer driver.
Printing from Chromebook or Other Device with Chrome OS

See Also

Managing the Machine from a Mobile Device (Remote UI)
You can use Remote UI from a Web browser on a mobile device. With Remote UI, you can check the operation status of the machine, change the machine settings, and register destinations to the Address Book. For details about starting and operating Remote UI, see the instructions for using Remote UI on a computer.
Managing the Machine from a Computer (Remote UI)
* Some display items are omitted in the mobile version of Remote UI. To check all items, tap [PC Version] at the bottom of the screen and switch to the computer version of Remote UI.