Preventing Sending Data by Mistake and Leaking Information

Unintentionally sending a fax to the wrong destination or leaving a printed document on the machine poses a risk of information leakage. In addition, while sending a fax from a computer and using mobile devices are easy and convenient, these can lead to operation errors and information theft.
You can take measures to prevent sending data by mistake and leaking information, according to the usage status of the function, to ensure safer use of the machine.
Restricting and Confirming the Destination
You can restrict the destinations to which scanned data and faxes are sent and have a screen confirming the destination displayed when sending these.
Limiting Available Destinations
Confirming the Destination before Sending
Appropriately Restricting Functions
You can restrict access to part or all of a function when sending a fax or using mobile devices.
Restricting Fax Sending
Restricting Use from a Mobile Device
Preventing Unattended Printed Documents and Information Theft
You can store print data sent from a computer or received faxes on the machine without printing them immediately.
Restricting Printing (Touch Panel Model)