Preventing Unauthorized Use

The machine handles a variety of information including the Address Book. It also provides various settings to ensure efficient management and operation. While this information and the settings provide convenience, they can also lead to information leakage and other security issues if the information and settings can be accessed by anyone.
You can take measures to restrict access and disable functions according to the usage status of the function, to ensure safer use of the machine.
Restricting Access to Information and Settings
Restricting users and operations accessing information and settings on the machine can help prevent unauthorized use and protect confidential information.
Restricting Address Book Registration and Editing (Touch Panel Model)
Restricting Use of Remote UI
Restricting Use from a Mobile Device
Disabling Unused Functions
You can disable unused functions to prevent intrusion from the outside.
Preventing Connection to Computer via USB Port
Configuring LPD, RAW, or WSD
Disabling HTTP Communication

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