Changing Fax RX Mode and Setting the Action when Receiving a Fax

You can change the RX mode from the default setting.
When [Fax/Tel (Auto Switch)] is enabled to determine whether the incoming call is a fax, you can also configure settings such as the ring time.
Use the operation panel to configure the settings. You cannot configure the settings using Remote UI from a computer.
On the operation panel, press [Fax] in the [Home] screen. [Home] Screen
Press [RX Mode:].
The [RX Mode] screen is displayed.
Select the RX mode.
When Using a Telephone Without Connecting to the Machine
Select [Auto]. Used for fax only.
Faxes are automatically received.
Incoming telephone calls cannot be answered.
When Connecting a Regular Telephone
When Automatically Receiving Faxes
Select [Fax/Tel (Auto Switch)]. Enables use of both fax and phone.
Faxes are automatically received.
When a telephone call is received, the machine rings. Pick up the handset to answer the call.
When Manually Receiving Faxes
Select [Manual]. Enables use of both fax and phone.
The machine rings when receiving both fax and phone calls.
If you hear a fax tone when picking up the handset, receive the fax manually. Receiving Faxes
You can also configure the setting to receive faxes automatically after the machine rings for a certain period of time. [Switch to Auto RX]
When Connecting an Answering Machine
Select [Answering Machine]. Enables use of both fax and phone.
Faxes are automatically received.
When a telephone call is received, the answering machine function can be used to record messages. You can answer the call by picking up the handset before recording starts.
* Set the answering machine so that the recording function activates after the machine rings one or two times.
* When recording your message, it is recommended that you keep about four seconds of silence, or keep the entire message within 20 seconds.
Set the ring time and action when receiving a fax, and press [Apply].
Set this when [Fax/Tel (Auto Switch)] is selected for RX mode. If you selected another RX mode, this step is not required.
[Ring Start Time]
Specify the time to determine whether an incoming call is a fax or a phone call. The machine does not ring at this time.
Reception starts when the machine determines that the call is a fax.
[Incoming Ring Time]
Specify the ring time for incoming calls when it is determined that the call is not a fax.
[Action After Ring]
Select the action to take when the handset is not picked up while ringing.
Select [End] to disconnect the call, or select [Receive] to receive the fax.
Connecting a Telephone
For details about connecting a telephone, use the procedure to connect to the telephone line. Step 4: Connecting to Telephone Line
[DRPD: Select Fax]
If you subscribe to a Distinctive Ring Pattern Detection (DRPD) service provided by your telephone company, DRPD is also available for the RX mode. This service assigns two or more telephone numbers with distinctive ring patterns to a single telephone line. You can use one of these numbers for faxes and one for telephone calls. Select [DRPD: Select Fax], and then select the ring pattern assigned by the telephone company to your fax number.
For more information about this service, contact your telephone company.
You must connect the machine to an external telephone in advance.