About the Machine

Before using the machine, check the basic information of the machine such as the supported functions, names of each part, and specifications of the functions. Also consider the management system of the machine and measures against security risks.
Basic Information
The supported functions vary depending on the model. Check the list for details.
Supported Functions
Check the names of parts, usable paper, and specifications of functions, as needed.
Names of Parts and Their Functions
Usable Paper
Information Required for Management Functions
When using the management functions, use the System Manager ID and PIN to log in.
The preset System Manager ID and PIN vary depending on the model.
System Manager ID and PIN
When using the machine in a network environment, check the examples of measures to prevent unauthorized access, and consider implementing these.
Measures to Prevent Unauthorized Access
Useful Tips
Introduces recommended functions useful for digitizing documents, reducing costs, and making operations more efficient.
Recommended Functions