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Systems Incorporated unless otherwise stated. The name PostScript also is used as a product trademark for Adobe Systems’ implementation of the PostScript language interpreter.
Except as otherwise stated, any reference to a “PostScript printing device,” “PostScript display device,” or similar item refers to a printing device, display device or item (respectively) that contains PostScript technology created or licensed by Adobe Systems Incorporated and not to devices or items that purport to be merely compatible with the PostScript language.
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Legal Limitations on the Usage of Your Product and the Use of Images

Using your product to scan, print or otherwise reproduce certain documents, and the use of such images as scanned, printed or otherwise reproduced by your product, may be prohibited by law and may result in criminal and/or civil liability. A non-exhaustive list of these documents is set forth below. This list is intended to be a guide only. If you are uncertain about the legality of using your product to scan, print or otherwise reproduce any particular document, and/or of the use of the images scanned, printed or otherwise reproduced, you should consult in advance with your legal advisor for guidance.
Paper Money
Travelers Checks
Money Orders
Food Stamps
Certificates of Deposit
Postage Stamps (canceled or uncanceled)
Immigration Papers
Identifying Badges or Insignias
Internal Revenue Stamps (canceled or uncanceled)
Selective Service or Draft Papers
Bonds or Other Certificates of Indebtedness
Checks or Drafts Issued by Governmental Agencies
Stock Certificates
Motor Vehicle Licenses and Certificates of Title
Copyrighted Works/Works of Art without Permission of Copyright Owner