This machine is an information device that uses communication functions and handles various data. Therefore, it is important to provide measures to prevent unauthorized access when using the machine in a network environment and measures against security risks such as leaking information.
This machine is equipped with various functions and settings to reduce these threats and vulnerabilities. Configure the settings and use them appropriately according to your usage environment and conditions for safer operation of the machine.
Creating an Administrator System
Use an administrator account to manage the machine and configure the settings. Operate the machine using a system in which only a specific administrator(s) knows the ID and PIN.
Setting the Department ID and PIN for the Administrator
Network Settings
Applying the network security settings according to the usage environment can reduce the threat of unauthorized access and eavesdropping.
Protecting the Network
Managing Usage Status
Using a PIN and setting usage restrictions can help prevent unauthorized use of Remote UI. Implementing measures that include operations according to usage status of the machine can improve security.
Preventing Leaking Information
Preventing Unauthorized Use