Setting Up the Network

To operate the machine from a computer or to connect to a server, you must connect the machine to a network.
Use the procedure below to connect the machine to a network and configure the settings of the machine according to the network environment.
Administrator privileges are required to set up the network.
Connecting the machine to a network without proper security measures may leak information from the machine to third parties. Protecting the Network

Preparing to Set Up the Network

Provide an Ethernet cable and router according to the usage environment of the machine.
Check the information of the network environment used by the machine and the required network settings. For details, contact the network administrator.
Check that the computer and router to be used in the network are properly connected, and complete the network settings. For details on the connection method, see the manuals of the devices or contact the manufacturer.

Network Settings Procedure

Step 1
Select whether to use wired or wireless LAN and connect to the network.
To connect to a Wired LAN
To connect to a Wireless LAN
Step 2
Set the IP address.
By default, when the machine connects to a wired or wireless LAN, an IP address is obtained automatically and set to the machine.
To use a specific IP address, set this manually.
Setting IPv4 Addresses
Setting IPv6 Addresses
* When setting an IP address manually, you cannot use the operation panel to configure some IPv6 address settings. It is recommended to use the operation panel to set the IPv4 address, and then use Remote UI to set the IPv6 address.
Step 3
Configure the settings of the machine according to the network environment, as needed.
* You cannot use the operation panel to configure some of the settings. It is recommended that you configure the settings using Remote UI in Step 3

Checks after Configuring the Network Settings

Check that the machine is properly connected to the network.
Check the IP address and MAC address of the machine and other information, as needed.
Checking the Network Status and Settings