Cannot Print (USB Connection)

Troubleshoot by checking the items below.
Check the USB Cable.
If you are using a long USB cable, replace it with a short USB cable.
If you still cannot print with a short USB cable, the cable may be damaged. Replace with a new USB cable, and try printing.
Are You Using a USB Hub?
Connect the machine directly to the computer using a USB cable.
Try Using Another USB Port.
Connect the USB cable to another USB port on your computer.
Is the Printer Port of the Computer Configured Correctly? (Windows)
If the printer port is not configured correctly or there is no available port, reinstall the printer driver. When you reinstall the driver, the correct port is configured automatically. Viewing the Printer Port
For details about installing the driver, see the manual of the driver at the online manual site.
Is Two-way Communication Between the Machine and Computer Enabled? (Windows)
Enable two-way communication if it is not enabled, and restart the computer and machine. Viewing Two-way Communication
Is a Setting Preventing the Machine from Establishing a USB Connection to the Computer?
If usage of the USB port for computer connection on the back of the machine is restricted, cancel this setting. Preventing Connection to Computer via USB Port
Are You Using Resident Software?
If you are using resident software, such as security software, disable it and then try printing.
Can You Print via USB Connection from Another Computer?
If you cannot print from another computer, contact your dealer or service representative. If the Problem Persists